The Underground River of Palawan

The Underground River of Palawan

Majestic. Astounding. Magical

The Underground River of Palawan, I believe, reallly deserves to belong in the 7 wonders of the world. It’s unique, new and definitely a sight to see.

To be able to witness extraordinary natural formations made by nature itself, a tour inside the Palawan Underground River would undoubtedly prove to be an unforgettable experience that would forever be etched in the memories of the lucky visitors.

Currently, the Underground River is in the Top 10 of the wonders of the world. And it has a great potential to become one of the seven. That’s why, our local government right now is encouraging us to vote online or to text our votes.

I also think that it getting into the top 7 would bring a great boost to our Tourism and of course, to our Economy. But, on the down side, it getting to the Top 7 would also mean the river-cave getting exploited in the future.

I totally don’t trust our government when it comes to taking advantage of something.

Look at Boracay. It was once a wondrous place for relaxation and easing one’s worries. It had a great feel of being close to nature. It was a refreshing place with clean, extra-white sands and clean, crystal clear waters. However, right now, it’s like a city in an island where the waters are used for sewage. Indeed, the (foreign) businessmen earn a lot. But what about the place?! They don’t give a damn. And I fear that may be the future of the underground river if it gets into the Top7.

I’m not implying that you shouldn’t vote for the Underground River. I just want to challenge the local government to maintain the “Wonder” as a nature’s place like how the other countries maintain theirs. They should discipline the tourists. They should take extra measures. And most of all, they should never exploit the place and again turn it into a place for unhealthy money factory.


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