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Random Rant

“Many people have ideas on how others should change; Few people have ideas on how they should change.”

I’m totally liking this quote lately. Probably, because I can relate soooo much. I dunno. People around me are getting more and more judgmental every single second. It’s starting to tick me off. Oh wait. To be friggin’ honest, it had ticked me off. I’m already passed that ‘annoyed to hell’ stage. So, yep, by this time, I’m in a point of detaching myself from earthly anger. Seriously, why should I torture myself by getting pissed off anyways?! Haha. Social interaction is definitely complicated. It’s entirely difficult to make ‘moves’ in relationships coz there are infinite possibilities as to what may result from your actions. These actions may improve the relationship, do nothing, or give the complete opposite of the first prospect. And it’s the thought that risking your present state of relationship for an uncertain result is not at all enticing that makes deciding more, yeah, problematic.

I’m certainly at this stage of my life. Teenage years are without a doubt both fun and troublesome. =)) I do want to completely devoid my self of any care for this whatever-you-would-like-to-call-it issue but much to my chagrin, I am not able to sometimes. Not because I’m in doubt but because numerous friends of mine keep bringing up this fragile topic. In connection with that, they keep on voicing out their opinions which are undoubtedly similar to mine, well, in some ways. Yep. It’s hard to stop myself from prolonging the topic because every single time that I hear the comments of my friends, I can’t help but strongly agree. Haha. Afterall, talking seriously with them is always to my enjoyment. I’m no sadist but the feeling that someone agrees with you is so overwhelming. Especially when the topic is a bit serious and deep.

Seriously, I don’t really mind it when someone is criticizing another but there are always boundaries to everything, right? I mean, yeah, if you hate someone, at least respect the person. It’s not like he or she killed. Do you think it’s so cool when you spat at someone? What the fck is so nice about that?! You think so highly of yourself! Can’t you stop and see that it’s only you who thinks that way? Oh. And your avid blind fans. Sad to say, people you mingle with are not in your delusion-ed set of fans. I may sound so badass here but, hey, I’m just voicing out what my peers and I think about some people. You’re like …*an INNOCENT bystander passes by* and then you go blabbering your to-the-ground negative comments, What is wrong with you people?!

Men, can’t you see that people around you are pissed off TO HELL already? What’s with your attitude? I have no idea if you’re just plain naive, lost, or tactless. .. .Or, well, are you just trying to fit in? IN A WHOLE LOT CROOKED WAY. I can’t believe that there exist people who are effing proud of themselves that they think of others as if they’re their petty servants! Seriously, if you think your actions make us think highly of you. I’ll tell you that NO, they don’t. In fact, you’re already starting to destroy the given respect we have for any person. I really have no idea if I should hate you or pity you, you know. Hate you– because you’re just plain proud, close-minded, tactless, feeler, ill-mannered and I could go on all day with these adjectives. Or Pity you–  because the prospect that you’re just freakin’ naive is still in my head. It’s as if you are heading for the wrong direction in establishing relationships. That you have no idea that you’re already stepping on people around you– for you, you’re pleasing and helping them. Haha. Look, I know these things I’m saying here may sound so harsh. But, I don’t know, you guys have damaged many people. TENFOLD. You may think that you’re so famous and high ’cause I’m even bothering to write about you but just to tell you, I’m trying to salvage you from that dirt-attitude you are having. You are extremely selfish. If only you people know that we so despise your attitude. But, oh well, you just had to be fckin oblivious and continue to do your fcked up ways. *sighs*

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions. And everyone has the right to voice them out. “I’m simply outspoken”. WTH. Can’t you voice out your opinions without trampling on others? Like I said, there are boundaries and limits to everything. Life is an interaction. You reason out your being outspoken? F. You are not living alone! (Well, you might be if you continue.) Anyways, I just want to make it clear that you are not the only people in this world. We hate the ways of others too (Well, like we hate your ways) but instead of ridiculing them or their POSSESSIONS, we rather criticize them in a not-so-rude way so that we can help them and make them better. Well, there’s one thing that is present within them and not in you guys. One thing but is the key factor why things are so difficult. The presence of open-mindedness. They are willing to change. Unlike you who think as themselves as perfect chess pieces walking this earth. You think that your ways are always the right ones? You are so proud. Why can’t you accept changing? Why do you always believe that it has to be others who must adjust for you? If you keep on insisting your ways, we will make it clear to you that we’d rather live without you than force ourselves to live with your fckd up nature. I can be one hell of a cold bastard. Yes. I guarantee you that I have the capability and the heart to do this cruel cut off of ties or whatsoever.

Okay. I just said that I’m at the state of detachment and there I went complaining again. Hahaha. Me and my alter-ego. Anyways, Imma continue this tomorrow. For now, Imma sleep. =DD

A true fan? I say not.

Football has never been a big hit here in the Philippines. Honestly, no one even cared about the national team before. They practice here and there, have matches in very public places yet no one actually gives a damn about their existence in the world of Filipino Sports. No one goes “WOOOOOH!” when they pass by. Not many even recognizes them in the past.

Well, in a country where Basketball is deemed as the national sport, you can’t expect a great number of football fans out there anyways.

Someone close to me had been one of those people too. She was once in a mall doing some shopping spree with her friends. And then one of her friend approached her excitedly and told her, “The Philippine Football Team is here!!”. And, of course, my friend not being inclined to sports at that time and being also estranged with the so-called ‘National Football Team’, she replied with a bland, “Oh. Okay”. And then continued with her malling.

Frankly, people just don’t know them in the past. (Sorry guys. Peace! V)

But that doesn’t seem to be the case right now. Try watching some TV news nowadays and you will never fail to see a news clip talking about our beloved Football National Team, Azkals. Even their own private buses have been featured. All their recent games have been aired on National Television and updates about their practice have been shared to people via TV and Internet most of the time. And, of course, Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets/trends, and blogs have been filled with the Azkal word or the name of the players too. (And that includes me! =)))

I have to give credit to these young men, though. Even unseeded, they have shown great courage amidst hostile football fans from across the world. They have learned to persevere against the lack of equipments, practice areas, payment and funding, and even of the lack of supporters. There’s not even a hint of giving up in there faces. I swear I adore you, Azkals. I admire your passion for the sport. =DD

But as I pass through some posts, blogs, tweets or the like, a certain thought, a not-so-good (for me, anyways) one at that, happened to cross my mind. All of these social networks have been filled with the words: Younghusband, Etheridge, etcetc, I love you, hot, sexy, handsome, gorgeous and many other synonymous descriptions. Yep. People, girls to be more precise, keep on going crazy about the oh-so-hot guys.

Not that I’m being KJ or whatever. I also idolize the fil-foreigner players as much as they do. But I certainly do not to the extent that I watch the games just to see them stretch their bodies like that, or look sweaty after a game, or muddy from the dirt, or them giving their cute complaints and breathtaking smiles (Source: Secret =DD). Nope. I watch to see the TEAM play. I’m not after individual playing. I’m more into the game. Like my friends and I say, “Their striking good looks are just for Bonus.”

But that doesn’t seem to be the case for others. All they care about are the ‘hotness’ of the players. They’re rabid fangirls. They get angry when their idol gets pushed by the enemy team. It’s quite normal from football, you see. People do get aggressive and stuff. They get the tendency to actually go all out and just trip others. I know and also believe that  these ‘actions’ are not befitting that of  a sportsman. But at least people should just go and shout “Hey! That’s dirty!” and not “How dare you hurt MY Phil Younghusband?!”


I personally heard those yells in Panaad and I was really having fun listening to those screams. I like the Younghusbands too. Though I just prefer the other half. >:)). They’re good at the sport. And their teamwork is admirable.

Though this skill can’t compare to English or Spanish Clubs out there, I’m quite happy that our own national team are improving in their own way. They’re starting to make their name here in Southest Asia, especially after having defeated Vietnam with a 2-0 score, and that they’re actually capable of not being branded as a “match-up that is just a walk in the park”. Also, the team has greatly improved from the last almost-a-decade match with Malaysia and with the match last December 2010.

I’m so happy that football has started to be a craze here in the country. But sad with some details accompanying the undeniably good-looking foreigner members of the team.

Clarification though, I don’t want to mess with those murderous fan girls ready to bite your head any moment from now but I just want to express my irritation to their ways in supporting the team. The team wants you to support the sport, the teamwork, the spirit and not their physical looks. Please. Just sober down a little. If you can’t do this, please stop tarnishing the description “football fan” by claiming yourself as one when you are obviously not. Thank you very much.


Just finished this post. Haha. I started with this a half a year ago but suddenly run out of inspiration. =)) I’m glad that I actually got to publish this. Yay.

Teen Choice Awards 2011.

Hey, teenagers out there.

It’s your second to the last day to vote for your favorite actors and actresses in Teens Choice Awards. So whattyah waiting for? Hurry now and click this link : And start voting for your CHOICES. =DD

Vote wisely. And don’t miss my “P.S.”.


Hey guys, please don’t forget to vote for Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) as Best Villain. Also Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) as Best Actress Sci Fi/Fantasy. =)) Thanks!  Your efforts are highly appreciated.