“It’s been a tough, tough time living with James since he’s the good looking one.”

– Phil Younghusband


Phil Younghusband’s Statement of Truth

“We’re a good-looking team. Coach Simon here, and Neil, and James and Aly and Anton, all the players, they’re all good-looking. If we don’t win the tournament, at least we’re the best looking team.”

-Philip James Placer Younghusband

Change of Views

Before I go through with this post, I just want to clarify something: I’m a certified Cristiano Ronaldo supporter.

Yeah. You may wonder how the hell did the name of Ronaldo go together with a picture of FC Barcelona’s Logo. Well, chill down. Like the title suggests, I’ll be talking about how my opinion slightly changed.

First off, I’ll start with Barca’s key player, Lionel Messi.

No doubt. Messi’s one hell of a player. He’s skilled and has a heart for the team. He’s never selfish. He never takes the goal for himself. He always passes the ball if he sees that there is a greater chance of actually scoring when it is on his teammate’s possession.

In other words, Messi is an outstanding individual player. And a great team player, as well.

Just for some spice, I was once a Messi-hater/not liker. I do not like how he plays. Not because he’s not good.. He’s talented. That I have long known. (And denied, maybe? =DD)

I do not know. Maybe it’s because that he doesn’t have any flashy styles, colorful kicks, or unique-looking attempts. He just runs for the goal post and kicks the ball right through in. A simple run and score way of playing.

(Disclaimer: I’m not sure if that’s really his style of playing but based on the videos that I watched, that’s how I perceived his play to be.)

Yes. Simple but deadly.

Messi’s quite a scoring machine, garnering an astounding 47 goals in 2009. That is without doubt a record. In addition to that, he’s very adept in finding the net behind the goalie. His runs are god speed. And his accuracy stings.

Barcelona is with no question lucky to have such skills by its side.

In my hometown, I usually get to hear the word ‘Barcelona’ first, every time I meet up again with my football fanatic friends.

I usually start with, “Hey, do you like football too?”. And they’ll answer with, “Yeah. I like Barcelona”. Or “Yep. I always watch the La Liga League. Barcelona’s doing quite a fantastic job.”.

At first, it was tiring. Or even to the point of calling it irritating. I like Real Madrid for gods sakes!! And mentioning Barcelona in front of a Real supporter is definitely not a good idea. Really not a good idea. In fact, even a ‘suicidal’ idea.

Anyways,  I always answer with, “Nah. Real Madrid’s better!”.

Who can blame me? I really prefer watching Real’s players on the pitch when compared to that of Barca’s.

Iker Casillas is my favorite goalie, after all. And Ronaldo, my favorite scorer.

Ok. The succeeding paragraph will be merely pure opinion. =))

When you see Ronaldo and Messi walking side by side, you (I..) can say that Ronaldo brims with self-confidence and he kinda emits an aura that makes him look more appalling. His playing style is also quite colorful. Like his dribbling. He always handles the ball with amazing footwork. He loves doing fake moves and the like. And his shots are accurate and with great momentum. The strength of his legs are probably unquestionable, too.

::You may start to think that I’m trying to make another ‘Compare-Messi-And-Ronaldo-Site’ . Well, Nope. I guarantee you I’m not trying to. Sorry if it appears that way. They just happen to be two football players that I now have great respect for. Their talents are undebatable. Really absolute.::

Ronaldo is the first football player I had a great interest on. I really like watching him play in the field. And accompanying that is I, starting to hate Messi. Thanks to my naivety, I also once became a foolish soccer fan. But, from the bottom of my soul, I am not anymore. And that, I am grateful of.

It’s just that people act as if Messi and Ronaldo are enemies, which I strongly believe they are not. They may be good friends even, if given the chance. If only those rabid fans will stop trying to compare them. They’re great football players with different approaches in reaching such heights. Their refinements are different so people should better off stop scrutinizing them.

Ok. Right now, I still prefer Ronaldo as a football player. But that doesn’t mean I still despise Messi. I can never take for granted his God-given talents. And I won’t doubt it if he gets to win more prestigious awards in the future.

Random: Now that I once again think of it, Ronaldo’s quite more open to fans. And he has his looks to boast upon. Sorry Messi fans, but I strongly hold on to the fact that Ronaldo’s way more handsome than Messi. Maybe that’s how he gets more fans. Haha.

As for the teams, I can’t choose any. I know I should be supporting Real Madrid since that’s Ronaldo’s club, but right now I’m heavily undecided.

Real’s a formidable team. But so is Barca.

They’ve won various contests. Their achievements trace back to the old times. And these teams have long been champions.

Okay. I think I’ll leave that as is, for now. I might crack my head in trying to decide which is better. Why don’t we just sit back and watch La Liga, in televisions, live streams, or even in personal and see the winner by the end of the season?

That way, the teams will prove themselves worthy of being called ‘The Better One’.


I have no idea as to what came into my mind that I actually got myself to write about this. I have long thought about this topic. I really find it funny when I speak negative comments against Messi when he’s just also another skilled player like Ronaldo, doing his best to take his team to the championships. And eventually making them Champions.  Haha. This post’s quite messed up. I’ll probably take some time soon to edit this. Anyways, see you soon. Hope I get to update.

A Little Realization “Unfinished” (Draft: Subjected for editing soon)

Hey, again, people! Long time no see.

To be really honest and frank with you, I’m composing this post for just one main reason: To tell you that I’m not leaving this blog site to rot. I apologize for not updating, though. And for my excuse… I’ll use the most cliché alibi and that is that I can’t find time within my busy schedule to actually open and write a new post in this site.

That and that my mind is quite messed up so I can’t find a quite decent topic to write about.

Okay. To stop beating around the bush, I’ll eagerly tell you what’s the reason behind the title of this post.

If you know me personally before, you will have the knowledge that I was really fond (addicted might be a better adjective) of various Anime Series.

The truth is.. I AM still fond of such shows. They really prove to be quite interesting to watch: the storyline, fighting scenes and such. And to add up with such amazing idiosyncrasy, the characters are oh-so-good-looking.

Fact is- They’re even drop-dead gorgeous. =PP

They are akin to the perfect epitome (redundant much?) of one’s ideal guys or gals. They take you to another world which makes you more and more confident that there are things you are actually capable of doing.

I have long believed that such attributes of the anime characters can’t and never will exist in this world I live in– No one is handsome enough, genius enough, hot enough, cool enough, kind enough, etcetc enough, in this whole world.

That until I have been proved wrong when I knew about the existence of two “real” guys: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro and James Joseph Placer Younghusband.

Yep. They’re drop-dead gorgeous, hot, cool, smart and really skilled in my favorite sport: Football.

Oh gods am I too late in discovering that such wonders not only exist in the imaginations of anime makers but also in this very tangible earth.

(Try searching for some links of their pictures and videos. You’ll undoubtedly agree with me after doing so.)

I know that both bachelors are quite ‘Out of my league’ and stuff, but who cares? Hoping won’t kill you. And it’s not like I’m gonna die if I can’t get to see them in my lifetime, right?

Ok. I’m such a big liar. Haha.

I don’t know why but just actually seeing their faces or how they move and score goals in the football pitch makes me jump in glee. Yeah. I look foolish. I know. So what? I don’t give a damn, okay?

You might think that I’m turning into a psycho or am getting nearer and nearer into the verge of insanity. Worry not though. I still have complete control of my ‘fangirl side’ and that I won’t scream my lungs out and faint when I see Cristiano and James in personal.

Actually, I might scream. Maybe just not too loud that I’ll get to destroy the eardrums of the people near me.

Okay. Before I start mumbling how great are the two guys, I think I’m obliged to give you short descriptions of them.

James and Cristiano are both Right Wingers in their respective teams or clubs, the Philippine Azkals and the Spanish Giants Real Madrid. James was once a member of the English Club, Chelsea and Ronaldo, once a top scorer for another English Club, Manchester United.

Oh. Those and that they’re both good-looking. *winks*.

Haha. Off topic. Sorry. It’s just that I just can’t fight the urge to type that down. :))

Anyways, both guys are still single (I mentioned that they’re bachelors, right?). Yes, rabid fangirls. They’re not taken as of the moment . And they’re also both 25. Still young enough. XPP. Though such trivial things don’t matter to me. I just wanna be friends with them. Nothing more. Plus, I’m 15. Haha. Too much age gap.

I have no hopes in reaching Ronaldo. He’s too far off, literally and figuratively, so I guess I’ll go with getting to know James.

Boy am I still ambitious.

Anyways, I am currently elated by the fact that I can actually get to watch James play ‘live’ soon. This coming February 9, 2011, I will be watching the game between the Philippines and Mongolia (FA Cup) in Panaad, Bacolod. V.I.P.. Yes, guys. I have VIP tickets. And boy am I proud of that.

Feb. 9 falls on a weekday but since luck is on my side, we have no classes in the afternoon. We are to take an Achievement test, that’s why. And the test is good for about 3 hours only. Hurray!

By any means, I really like the fact that guys like them do exist. That way, I won’t be stuck in the anime world and forever taking for granted how great this world I am living in.

P.S. I’ m an avid fan of football. And Yep. Despite my post being concentrated on how awesome James and Ronaldo are, I have learned to admire the game itself first before actually taking in how hot soccer players are. :PP