I’m awake after what I could call a bad dream. Bad dream, not a nightmare. I’d happily cross out what happened last night as a dream. Unfortunately though, I probably couldn’t.

So what exactly happened last night?

It’s not one of your wasted drunken stories or your next door’s nighttime misadventures. It’s something way simpler: I saw my grades.

Haha. Funny, really. But not funny at the same time. Disaster. Second semesters and I together always spell a disaster. I’d probably be crying right now if I’m a little bit normal but good thing I’m not. I’m here typing this post by the dining table after finishing my brunch. From the house of my friend. Haha.

Anyways, it probably hasn’t sunk in fully ’cause I am practically with no emotion right about now. I’ll probably feel fear and anxiety when I’m gonna have to tell my parents soon. And face my undergrad college sec. Well, that’s a tale for another day. Tonight, I’m just gonna watch football with my friends. Fun times.

Yay! 😁