A Night To Remember

The wind blew softly outside. The birds chirped loudly and the sunlight was streaming through the windows beside me. I put down my pen and gave the scenery outside a look. The leaves and the grass were still glistening, probably from the morning dew or the rain that came last night. The flowers were dancing to the beat of the wind and the Philippine flag was swaying calmly as it looked down to the people passing by. Absentmindedly, I began tapping my finger on the table and a sweet humming tune escaped my lips. After a short while of admiring the view outside, I turned my attention back inside the room. The atmosphere was the exact opposite of the calm that was past these walls. The room was filled with a silent tension as my fellow classmates concentrated on scribbling on the test paper in their hands. Some faces were contorted, probably from wracking their brains for the answers that just seem to evade them. Some were even unconsciously scratching their heads in an open display of pure cluelessness. At the sight, I suddenly felt laughter bubble within me so I hurriedly jerked my head back and covered my mouth with my hand to prevent the said laugh from completely spilling out. I then slowly dropped my hand to the side and turned my attention to the paper lying forgotten before me. It was yet to be finished. In fact, it was not even half-way done. I gave out a soft sigh and a smile then started to creep upon my lips. It was our school’s achievement test. However, it seemed that my attention was not on the paper in front of me but somewhere else.

The bell rang loudly signaling the end of the exam. I immediately got up from my seat, tossed my paper on our proctor’s desk, grabbed my knapsack and hastily ran out of the classroom. I made my way to the girl’s comfort room, almost knocking into a few students and even teachers in the process. Adrenalin was coursing through me and I looked like an idiot with the almost permanent smile I wore on my face. When I finally arrived in front of the room, I reached out my hand to grab the doorknob, only to feel skin and flesh underneath my grasp. I looked to my side to find one of my friends staring back at me. We continued staring at each other and as if choreographed, we laughed simultaneously. I then watched her open the door for me in a perfect imitation of a gentleman. The gesture she made was so amusing that I gave out a laugh as I entered the room, her following closely behind. I put down my bag and turned my head around to see my four other friends entering one by one. They had excitement written all over their faces. Smirking, I said to them, “It’s finally here, huh?”. They all grinned cheekily in return and we all swiftly proceeded to our respective changing rooms.

After changing, we instantly broke into a run, heading for my friend’s car. Students were openly staring at us with curious looks as we passed by them. It might have been because of the idiotic grins plastered on our faces or maybe the matching personalized white shirts that we all wore. Or probably because of both. Either way, we didn’t care. We were in the world of our own and, for us, all that mattered was that we were finally on our way.

We went through heavy traffic, missed lunch, crossed a body of water, got lost, sneaked through heavy crowds, and got lost again. We were worn out and tired by nightfall but when we finally got to our destination, the place did not disappoint.

The lone white moon shone brightly above our heads that night. The stars were twinkling across the velvet sky like gold and silver dust scattered over dark blue paper. The silhouettes of dark trees that might have looked ominous any other time were swaying in time with the cool evening wind that swept through the place and the sight gave off a calm feel along with the rustling of the leaves. The bleachers were swept clean from dust and were slowly filled with people as time passed by. At the center of everything sat a rectangular patch of land covered with fresh green grass, white lines bordering it. Freshly painted rectangular steel posts stood at both ends with white nets attached to each of them. A few shrubs were situated near the metal fences that form a circular barrier, somehow effectively separating the whole place from the outside world. Bright yellowish lights finished the look that proved to be breathtaking to lucky people who might happen to stumble upon the place. And that night, we were one of those lucky people.

The calm was abruptly broken when a whistle was heard. All attention turned to the middle of the field when two groups of people simultaneously entered the field. One group was in all-red while the other was in all-white. Loud cheering and applause erupted almost immediately as the players went out of the cock pit and waved to the crowd. It was a football game- An international one, at that, and the first one to be held in the Philippines since football became popular in the country. And to be more specific, it was a battle between the Philippine and Mongolian National Teams.

The moment the game started, the whole stadium was in a state of uproar. The shouting was downright deafening that it would put the honks of cars or the firetruck sirens to shame. You had to shout in order for your voice to reach just the one sitting beside you. My head started to hurt from all the noise but that didn’t stop me from cheering for my team. My friends were also shouting and commenting on random stuff about the game. They would even sometimes shoot up from their seats to cheer every time the ball was stolen from the other team. We would laugh, hold our breaths for every attempt a member of our team will make, and say “Awww” at the same time when the ball hit the bars of the goal post. The game was undoubtedly exciting.

The noise reached new heights when a player of the Philippine team shot a kick directly to the goal, earning the very first point of the night. People jumped from their seats, applauding and celebrating the very first score. The shouting only died down when the first half ended but steady applause was still heard across the place. The silence was only momentary though because when the game resumed, the loud cheering almost immediately returned. One area of the crowd started to make a wave movement and the people beside them immediately caught on the action and soon the whole audience was making a human wave. It looked incredible from afar with all the white shirts moving and it felt more incredible when it was our turn to stand up, shout, and sit down again. Blood was pumping through my veins and I looked like a smiling idiot with hair blowing wildly on my face and cheeks flushed red. I looked to my left and laughed because it seemed that my friends were at the same predicament as I was.

The game was nearing its end and people were steadily applauding but it seemed that the Philippine team was still not contented with a 1-0. The team’s striker made a last-minute shot at the goal which was instantly rewarded with earsplitting shouting from the crowd. Not soon after followed the final whistle that blared through the arena. People were immediately jumping up in pure joy. Everyone was ecstatic. Some people were even openly hugging each other while others were doing high-fives. An explosion was heard and soon dozens of fireworks decorated the sky with different magnificent colors. People gaped at the wondrous display. In that instant, the whole place was a sight of bliss and euphoria.

The commotion soon died out and crowd was slowly dissipating. It was time to go home. I looked at my friends and saw that they wore contented expressions in their faces. I gave out my own satisfied smile and I slowly picked up my belongings. The adrenalin was slowly starting to fade away and I soon realized how tired I actually was. My lungs and throat were sore. Despite that, I was still happy to have come to this event. My best buds were pestering me last month and I said that I might not make it because my parents might not allow me. They looked really disappointed then. Now, looking at their happy grins, I can say that all the trouble in convincing my parents was worth it. The remarkable feeling of my first time watching a live sports event was further highlighted by the fact that I spent it with my closest friends. The random laughing, the getting lost in the sea of people, the running that left us breathless and even the heart-stopping moments of together looking at the ball, hands clenched, as it bounced off the post. I felt that those things made us closer somehow.  It was a day that I could call “Our day” and it was definitely a night to be forever remembered.

P.S. Another English 10 output. This time, it’s about our most unforgettable experience. :)) I was not able to expound well because we had a limit of 5 pages. But, oh well. It should be alright. :DD I’ll try to edit it in the future.