My Should-Be Statistics Homework.

I’ve always had a hard time when asked to describe myself or asked to simply talk about myself. I’m not one to talk. And I definitely am not one to talk about my own self. But if I am to tell someone my current interests, I would probably answer something akin to these: business stuff, drawing, sports, horses, archery, and instruments. There’s a lot more actually but I don’t think I have enough time to remember all those so I’ll just have to settle with those that first popped up in my mind.

  • Business- I’m an aspiring CEO. I want to own a multi-national company or something akin to that. CEOs are amazing. They are respected, looked upon and are almost untouchables. They can choose to travel the world in a flick of a finger and they can get almost anything they want in a blink of an eye. I know it’s difficult to be one as it may entail having no more time for your family and friends but I believe that through great efforts, you would be able to balance it. I really, really want to become a CEO.
  • Drawing- I’ve been sketching since I was in my kindergarten years- the simple houses: one box house with a triangle roof, two 2×2 box windows, and one rectangular door. And there goes the stick figures of people, dogs, trees, flowers, the sun, the v-shaped outline of birds, and the clouds. All of us must have encountered that stage. I started (as far as I can remember) seriously drawing when I was 6. I drew 3D fruits, pine trees, powerpuff girls, furnitures and many other stuff like that. My drawing skill then turned into a hobby or some simple pastime method. I began absentmindedly scribbling on my notebooks, pad papers or books in my elementary. Also, I remembered sketching human figures in the form of the Encantadia heroes. Haha. That was one nice show. I also began sketching anime when I was, I think, in grade four. And that was when it all seriously started for me. I have been drawing anime sketches since then almost everyday. I just sketch randomly with no seriousness poured into my drawings. I seldom put much effort on my sketches. I usually have a story in mind when I draw so my drawings always look like unattached feet, severed head and many other broken body parts. Hahaha.
  • Sports- I have always been into sports since I was young. The said trait probably ran in our family because both my elder brothers are active in sports. Modesty aside, we probably have innate talent in it. My only problem right now is that I have asthma and I’m quite, ahem, a tad too chubby to be running effortlessly. Those two combined, I always have a hard time moving because I easily lose my breath. But I am quite resolved to lose my asthma or at least lessen it. I am also quite determined to lose some weight so that I can be active and skilled in sports once again. : ))
  • Horses- I like horses. In fact, I love them. My first time to ride a horse was when I was in my elementary and I attended a despedida party for my brother’s high school adviser. I was hesitant at that time. I was probably nervous. But when I was on top of the horse, I felt thrilled. The feeling was amazing. A simple trot was incredible. And then, while I was riding the horse, it began to rain. Of course, we must go back to the shelter, so the man in charge of the horse told me to hold on tight and he then began running towards the house while holding on to the reins of the horse. OhmyGod. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Pure euphoria. I felt the wind against my skin. My hair was wildly spraying across my back and the sides of my face. My eyes were half lidded as the sprinkle of rain brush my face. I was silently screaming at the top of my lungs because of untapped joy. It was exhilarating. Damn. Ever since then, I have been dying to ride a horse again. I even went so far as planning to buy a horse with my first year stipend when I’ll be in Pisay. Haha. I rode the horse many times since then. I rode every time I’d get to have an opportunity. And yes, in the near future, when I become a CEO, I’ll by lots and lots of horses. ; ))
  • Archery- Quite random, huh? I wanna try real archery. I want to grasp a bow with my left hand and shoot an arrow across a range. I probably took my first interest on bows and arrows when I first watched The Lord of the rings. Guess why? I bet those who were able to watch the show knows the answer. Yep, it’s because of the elven princeling. I have been fond of Legolas since the first movie. And accompanying that fact, I have been fond of archery since. I think I even bought a bow and arrow toy when I was 9. And to the extremes, I even made one. It was composed of a branch of a malunggay and a blue nylon string. I utilized twigs for my arrows. I carried the bow with me when I go out of the house. I even kept the bow on my bedside when I go to sleep. I was really infatuated with the bow. Now, I again took a liking to the bow because of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. And because of that, my want to take up archery as a PE subject in my college has been refueled. I want to take up archery that badly. To my disappointment though, the teacher is not present for this school year. But that won’t stop me. I will be taking it up whichever year I may be. Hmm. I’m that resolved.
  • Instruments- I want to master an instrument. I especially want to be skilled in playing the violin. The piano, flute, sax and guitar would probably be next. I really admire those who are able to play such instruments. They look stunning and out of this world when they’re in the middle of their performances. People watch them with awe in their eyes. The air usually turns thick, calm and eerie. It’s as if emotions are pouring out with the melodies each instrument produces. The tune, notes and such create an amazing atmosphere. I really want to learn the violin. I want to be able to play seriously an instrument. Playing one in the past even entails nobility. I want to be skilled even in just one instrument. I hope it’s not too late for me. I hope I’ll be playing one in the near future.

So basically, those are the first set of things I am interested in. Amazing. I was able to produce a write-up of my interests. This is so cool. Okay. ‘Til next time. See you again desu~

P.S. This should have been my homework in Statistics 114 but I got the instructions wrong and I got carried away in writing so, yeah, my should-be Stat write-up turned into a blog post. Haha. : DD


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