Loud or Silent?

Everyone hates proud people, right? Who won’t, anyways? For some unknown reason, it seems like common sense to practice humility. It’s like an innate attribute that we should have. Or maybe that’s just what our society calls for anyway. Okay. Moving on. Most people would usually find people who keep on boasting infuriating.  And yes, you must find them a bit aggravating too, right?

There are actually two types of these proud people: The Loud one and the Silent one. The loud one is someone who keeps on telling others their accomplishments, advantages, and all sorts of stuff like that. They’re really annoying pests of the society who keep wasting their saliva talking about themselves. They’d take every opportunity to show the world their achievements. They’d relate anything to their undertakings no matter how almost unrelated both things may be. Boastful people are really annoying. But for some reason, instead of getting thoroughly irritated, I usually find myself laughing at their shallowness. It’s usually these people that are all talk. You will usually come to know that they’re all mouth. That they cannot suffice to their claims. They’re just plain idiots in the end and they’re probably the likes of people who just, for the first time, experienced great success in their lives. Tss.

Now, how about the silent, less wordy, proud ones? They may not be shouting to the whole world that they’re great but their silent roundabout antics are more probable to get on one’s nerves. They are people who carry themselves with an eerie air of confidence around them (which just ticks me off sometimes) and just go prancing around thinking they’re so much better than the surrounding crowd. You can’t laugh or hate them either for they can usually back up their silent boasting. But boasting is still boasting whatever form it may take, right? I know these people can support their declarations but why can’t they just keep all these stuff to their own selves? Really, they act like the people around them are below their level. They think so highly of themselves and they just go and walk around like some sort of higher being. They talk like they know everything. It’s stupid, really, because a lot of people could most probably see through their sarcastic or roundabout ways of boasting. And it’s because of the fact that you can see that the said person is trying to indirectly tell you how great he/she is that makes the instance a whole different level of exasperating. Oh the ire.

For me, the second type is worse. These damn people should learn how to suck the stupidly blatant air of overconfidence surrounding them. >: (( I think that they should begin learning and living the whole definition of humility. *sighs* It would absolutely make the world a better place to live in.

So, what do you think is the more tolerable type? I made my pick. Now, make yours.


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