Dream Lot

We all probably had that stage, didn’t we? Dreaming about our future houses? What we want it to look like? Or maybe even just how the lot looked like?

‘Cause I definitely did. And I even had the gall to draw it back then.

My dream lot, as a child, had a rectangular shape with high fences. It was a wide stretch of green grass, like a meadow, with trees in the far off corner. Pine trees, maybe. Or those wide, big, chunky trees. I don’t really know. Anyways, there were trees. The lot had a stone driveway, lined with colorful flower bushes, that diverges with a large circular fountain then meets again to go straight towards the tall door of my humongous (if I say so myself) mansion. Typical childhood fantasies, I know. My cars were just parked in front and I didn’t even have the idea of actually sheltering them from rain. A butler was standing next to the door. It’s probably a robot, though. Or a statue. ‘Cause I never imagined it moving. Wooden benches and Teatime table sets were also located on my porch. For visitors, most likely, or for me when I just wanna breathe some fresh air. A swimming pool was then located at the back right (when you face the mansion). It was huge but just had the typical plain rectangular shape. Then, opposite it was a stable for horses. (I love horses). It was as huge as the probably Olympic-sized swimming pool, if not larger, but was actually just a patch of land with wooden fences enclosing it. I was really proud of that stable ’cause it was the main reason why I even wanted to draw my dream lot. I wanted a really big lot so that I can own a dozen of horses and that I can ride them during my break times. It sounds like any other petty childish dream but for me back then, it was really big. I wanted to earn a lot too just so that I can buy a huge lot. Makes me laugh when I think about it. So yeah, that was my dream lot as a young kid. I didn’t think much about my house when drew this. I just imagined it as some typical kickass mansion of those filthy rich guys out there. It was grey in color, though. That is, if I did remember correctly. : ))