Who I’ll Be In The Near Future: A Statistics 114 Assignment

As a child, I’ve dreamed to be an astronaut, a nurse, a doctor and a scientist. I have always chosen to portray these professions whenever we are tasked to do so in the past. But despite the fact that I can easily choose a random profession as a kid, I’ve always been unable to have a fixed dream-profession. I was one person that was always incapable of loving one certain job and try saying I’d die to have it. It never occurred to me what occupation I truly wanted because I believe that there’s a lot to consider. But as I mature and started to sort out what I want to be, I end up with one field that I am particularly interested in: Business. I have started to place a certain goal for my career life and that is to become a CEO of a multi-national company. I know this dream is quite farfetched but, like most say, nothing is impossible. I believe that everyone has the capability to become a CEO as long as they put their minds into it. And, yes, as of the moment I’m willing to do anything to become one. I want to become a driven, goal-oriented person- probably an exact opposite of what I am now because although I may be goal-oriented, I am not one to be really focused every time. I usually slack off at times because I hate too much trouble or conflicts. But, of course, I am willing to change for my first and only aspiration.

After graduation, I plan to take up a Master’s degree in Business Administration or Management. I then see myself as either starting my own business or becoming a manager of a certain private company and of course, after a few years, the CEO of a multinational corporation. I know that Statistics may not be the most appropriate course for an aspiring CEO but I believe that personally knowing probabilities and understanding the meaning of collected data yourself can serve as a big foundation and advantage as a head of a company.

In the business field, I think that not much will change in ten years when it comes to the possible problems that a certain company will encounter especially regarding to matters of making, distributing or advertising products. Questions will still probably be something like: “What kind of good is not yet in the market?”, “What do the masses want?”, “What kind of advertisements would convince people more to buy the product?”, and etc. The heads of companies will never cease to try to improve their current goods and to discover promising new ones that will prove to be a big hit and, of course, a new good source of income. By ten-years time, statisticians will most likely still be trying to survey what the current hit to the masses is and they will try to predict what will still be or what will be a hit in the near future. Future is afterall a very unpredictable part of our life. We have no idea what will happen. We don’t know where our choices and decisions will lead us. That is why, actually accurately predicting what will happen in the years to come is one of the most interesting and fascinating possibilities we can ever encounter. I think that statisticians will marvel at the prospect of knowing the forthcoming events with only the data of the present as basis. And so will all people. It will undoubtedly help in all fields when we are able to predict the coming events. Proper measures can be used and a better outcome can be made.  : ))


Just Plain Old Cruel Destiny

Sometimes, our destiny is decided by the time we are born. Others may aggressively disagree with this, but I believe that this is one bitter reality. We may say that we are the makers of our own fate or the masters of our own destiny. But can you really say that everyone is really that equal? Idealists or religious people may say that we are but I don’t think that’s really the case sometimes. How can an heiress to a large-scale company be equal to a parentless child wandering by the streets in terms of comfort in life?

Equivalent exchange does not exist in reality. The heiress, while doing nothing, enjoys the luxury provided to her by her parents while the poor child, who exerts effort to feed himself, actually starves and freezes himself by nightfall. The idealists will probably contradict this by saying something like, “the child has a better state of friendship than the heiress”, but is that really the case? In fact, the heiress probably has more friends than the kid. The child may find great thrilling adventures in its street life, but so can the heiress find hers in a different form. To add up, the heiress is honored and treated carefully unlike the child who is usually shouted upon or shooed away.

It’s weird, really, that how both children, with no say whatsoever, were born in very different states of life and have a kind of life that are poles apart. Realism dictates that the heiress was just lucky while the child was, let’s say, ill-fated. This may sound so awful but it’s reality, right?  It is how this world actually works, right?

This afternoon, while buying myself an afternoon treat, I met a poor little girl who continues to support herself by begging from passer-bys. First instinct told me to not give her anything. Afterall, I’m trying to save money. Also, I don’t want and I shouldn’t give alms to these children as the rules suggest. As said, their parents should be responsible enough to provide for their children’s needs.

However, what if the parents wholly abandoned their children? What could the children possibly do? As I walk away from the child while that thought plagues my mind, I can’t help but actually pity her. What could she possibly do at such a young age except to beg from strangers? It’s not like she can actually be able to work already, right? As I continue to ponder on the thought, I can’t help but to think that what if I was born like her too? It’s weird, really. As much as we would like to teach the parents to be responsible, we actually can’t. It’s because these people are uneducated and they don’t give a damn for their child. And if they do, it’s not like they can support them.

As you can see, the way our life goes can sometimes be dictated by where, when, and how we are born. Maybe there are those who can surpass even dire birth circumstances but we can say that the WWHs of our birth have a great effect on how we ‘can’ live our life. It has an effect on what direction we will be going, what path we will be taking, and what opportunities we will be grabbing. In fact, the ‘will’s in the previous sentence can be changed into ‘can’s. Sometimes, the limits to our possibilities are set by the time we are born. Sometimes, no matter what we do, we can’t be given the opportunities of those who are living a much comfortable life. Sometimes, even our efforts, though the same with others, will yield no fruits. Sometimes, there are circumstances that we have no hand in whatsoever.

Sometimes, it all just comes down to luck. Luck afterall is a skill. And it looks like we need this skill even before we are born- even before we have any idea of this world we now live in. Yes. That’s how cruel the world is. And that’s just plain old reality.

Loud or Silent?

Everyone hates proud people, right? Who won’t, anyways? For some unknown reason, it seems like common sense to practice humility. It’s like an innate attribute that we should have. Or maybe that’s just what our society calls for anyway. Okay. Moving on. Most people would usually find people who keep on boasting infuriating.  And yes, you must find them a bit aggravating too, right?

There are actually two types of these proud people: The Loud one and the Silent one. The loud one is someone who keeps on telling others their accomplishments, advantages, and all sorts of stuff like that. They’re really annoying pests of the society who keep wasting their saliva talking about themselves. They’d take every opportunity to show the world their achievements. They’d relate anything to their undertakings no matter how almost unrelated both things may be. Boastful people are really annoying. But for some reason, instead of getting thoroughly irritated, I usually find myself laughing at their shallowness. It’s usually these people that are all talk. You will usually come to know that they’re all mouth. That they cannot suffice to their claims. They’re just plain idiots in the end and they’re probably the likes of people who just, for the first time, experienced great success in their lives. Tss.

Now, how about the silent, less wordy, proud ones? They may not be shouting to the whole world that they’re great but their silent roundabout antics are more probable to get on one’s nerves. They are people who carry themselves with an eerie air of confidence around them (which just ticks me off sometimes) and just go prancing around thinking they’re so much better than the surrounding crowd. You can’t laugh or hate them either for they can usually back up their silent boasting. But boasting is still boasting whatever form it may take, right? I know these people can support their declarations but why can’t they just keep all these stuff to their own selves? Really, they act like the people around them are below their level. They think so highly of themselves and they just go and walk around like some sort of higher being. They talk like they know everything. It’s stupid, really, because a lot of people could most probably see through their sarcastic or roundabout ways of boasting. And it’s because of the fact that you can see that the said person is trying to indirectly tell you how great he/she is that makes the instance a whole different level of exasperating. Oh the ire.

For me, the second type is worse. These damn people should learn how to suck the stupidly blatant air of overconfidence surrounding them. >: (( I think that they should begin learning and living the whole definition of humility. *sighs* It would absolutely make the world a better place to live in.

So, what do you think is the more tolerable type? I made my pick. Now, make yours.

The Underground River of Palawan

The Underground River of Palawan

Majestic. Astounding. Magical

The Underground River of Palawan, I believe, reallly deserves to belong in the 7 wonders of the world. It’s unique, new and definitely a sight to see.

To be able to witness extraordinary natural formations made by nature itself, a tour inside the Palawan Underground River would undoubtedly prove to be an unforgettable experience that would forever be etched in the memories of the lucky visitors.

Currently, the Underground River is in the Top 10 of the wonders of the world. And it has a great potential to become one of the seven. That’s why, our local government right now is encouraging us to vote online or to text our votes.

I also think that it getting into the top 7 would bring a great boost to our Tourism and of course, to our Economy. But, on the down side, it getting to the Top 7 would also mean the river-cave getting exploited in the future.

I totally don’t trust our government when it comes to taking advantage of something.

Look at Boracay. It was once a wondrous place for relaxation and easing one’s worries. It had a great feel of being close to nature. It was a refreshing place with clean, extra-white sands and clean, crystal clear waters. However, right now, it’s like a city in an island where the waters are used for sewage. Indeed, the (foreign) businessmen earn a lot. But what about the place?! They don’t give a damn. And I fear that may be the future of the underground river if it gets into the Top7.

I’m not implying that you shouldn’t vote for the Underground River. I just want to challenge the local government to maintain the “Wonder” as a nature’s place like how the other countries maintain theirs. They should discipline the tourists. They should take extra measures. And most of all, they should never exploit the place and again turn it into a place for unhealthy money factory.

My Should-Be Statistics Homework.

I’ve always had a hard time when asked to describe myself or asked to simply talk about myself. I’m not one to talk. And I definitely am not one to talk about my own self. But if I am to tell someone my current interests, I would probably answer something akin to these: business stuff, drawing, sports, horses, archery, and instruments. There’s a lot more actually but I don’t think I have enough time to remember all those so I’ll just have to settle with those that first popped up in my mind.

  • Business- I’m an aspiring CEO. I want to own a multi-national company or something akin to that. CEOs are amazing. They are respected, looked upon and are almost untouchables. They can choose to travel the world in a flick of a finger and they can get almost anything they want in a blink of an eye. I know it’s difficult to be one as it may entail having no more time for your family and friends but I believe that through great efforts, you would be able to balance it. I really, really want to become a CEO.
  • Drawing- I’ve been sketching since I was in my kindergarten years- the simple houses: one box house with a triangle roof, two 2×2 box windows, and one rectangular door. And there goes the stick figures of people, dogs, trees, flowers, the sun, the v-shaped outline of birds, and the clouds. All of us must have encountered that stage. I started (as far as I can remember) seriously drawing when I was 6. I drew 3D fruits, pine trees, powerpuff girls, furnitures and many other stuff like that. My drawing skill then turned into a hobby or some simple pastime method. I began absentmindedly scribbling on my notebooks, pad papers or books in my elementary. Also, I remembered sketching human figures in the form of the Encantadia heroes. Haha. That was one nice show. I also began sketching anime when I was, I think, in grade four. And that was when it all seriously started for me. I have been drawing anime sketches since then almost everyday. I just sketch randomly with no seriousness poured into my drawings. I seldom put much effort on my sketches. I usually have a story in mind when I draw so my drawings always look like unattached feet, severed head and many other broken body parts. Hahaha.
  • Sports- I have always been into sports since I was young. The said trait probably ran in our family because both my elder brothers are active in sports. Modesty aside, we probably have innate talent in it. My only problem right now is that I have asthma and I’m quite, ahem, a tad too chubby to be running effortlessly. Those two combined, I always have a hard time moving because I easily lose my breath. But I am quite resolved to lose my asthma or at least lessen it. I am also quite determined to lose some weight so that I can be active and skilled in sports once again. : ))
  • Horses- I like horses. In fact, I love them. My first time to ride a horse was when I was in my elementary and I attended a despedida party for my brother’s high school adviser. I was hesitant at that time. I was probably nervous. But when I was on top of the horse, I felt thrilled. The feeling was amazing. A simple trot was incredible. And then, while I was riding the horse, it began to rain. Of course, we must go back to the shelter, so the man in charge of the horse told me to hold on tight and he then began running towards the house while holding on to the reins of the horse. OhmyGod. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had. Pure euphoria. I felt the wind against my skin. My hair was wildly spraying across my back and the sides of my face. My eyes were half lidded as the sprinkle of rain brush my face. I was silently screaming at the top of my lungs because of untapped joy. It was exhilarating. Damn. Ever since then, I have been dying to ride a horse again. I even went so far as planning to buy a horse with my first year stipend when I’ll be in Pisay. Haha. I rode the horse many times since then. I rode every time I’d get to have an opportunity. And yes, in the near future, when I become a CEO, I’ll by lots and lots of horses. ; ))
  • Archery- Quite random, huh? I wanna try real archery. I want to grasp a bow with my left hand and shoot an arrow across a range. I probably took my first interest on bows and arrows when I first watched The Lord of the rings. Guess why? I bet those who were able to watch the show knows the answer. Yep, it’s because of the elven princeling. I have been fond of Legolas since the first movie. And accompanying that fact, I have been fond of archery since. I think I even bought a bow and arrow toy when I was 9. And to the extremes, I even made one. It was composed of a branch of a malunggay and a blue nylon string. I utilized twigs for my arrows. I carried the bow with me when I go out of the house. I even kept the bow on my bedside when I go to sleep. I was really infatuated with the bow. Now, I again took a liking to the bow because of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. And because of that, my want to take up archery as a PE subject in my college has been refueled. I want to take up archery that badly. To my disappointment though, the teacher is not present for this school year. But that won’t stop me. I will be taking it up whichever year I may be. Hmm. I’m that resolved.
  • Instruments- I want to master an instrument. I especially want to be skilled in playing the violin. The piano, flute, sax and guitar would probably be next. I really admire those who are able to play such instruments. They look stunning and out of this world when they’re in the middle of their performances. People watch them with awe in their eyes. The air usually turns thick, calm and eerie. It’s as if emotions are pouring out with the melodies each instrument produces. The tune, notes and such create an amazing atmosphere. I really want to learn the violin. I want to be able to play seriously an instrument. Playing one in the past even entails nobility. I want to be skilled even in just one instrument. I hope it’s not too late for me. I hope I’ll be playing one in the near future.

So basically, those are the first set of things I am interested in. Amazing. I was able to produce a write-up of my interests. This is so cool. Okay. ‘Til next time. See you again desu~

P.S. This should have been my homework in Statistics 114 but I got the instructions wrong and I got carried away in writing so, yeah, my should-be Stat write-up turned into a blog post. Haha. : DD


It’s not about what’s just correct in the law. It was about what’s better for the country. Plus, Enrile did say culpable violation of the constitution is impeachable. And he did include the not-just-a-minor discrepancy in one’s SALN under the said offense.  It was also the implication of unexplained wealth that made their decision.

Maybe a false SALN is not impeachable. But to actually have 50x of the declared amount? It’s not about the SALN. It’s about the unexplained amount!

Nagpapamakatalino pa kasi eh. Para cool dahil ang galing daw sa law. Tengene. Hindi madadala ang problemang ito sa patama tama lang sa mga data niyo. Ano pa bang ebidensya ang kailangan para mapaalis ang isang taong kurakot sa gobyerno? Ang desisyon na yon ay mas makakabuti sa ‘tin bansa. Ba’t pa natin pakakawalan ang isang may sala? Kailangan na siyang paalisin sa puwesto.

People are blinded but the so-called good feeling of being seen as smart. They fail to see what is right and only stick to what they think is correct because of the data. Knowing law makes you smart? Yes, maybe, but it doesn’t always actually make you right. You have a bended sight of justice. Justice is not simply what is correct in the eyes of blinded scientific humans. You get what you deserve. And by that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your punishment is parallel to your error.

I just have to commend Enrile as a lawyer, senator, and as a presiding judge. He was able to compile, relay and explain the situation in a clear, logical, and very calm manner. He may be like any politician who’s corrupt, but at least he’s wise and smart.

Afterall, politician and corrupt seems like an inseparable duo.

P.S. This was written in my other blog angelofhades.tumblr.com maybe a month ago. : DD