My Cat is Sick

Nothing is more painful than being helpless to stop something from happening in front of you.

My cat is almost dying and I am unable to stop it. Today is the fourth day since he has started acting weird and stopped eating. I just ignored the 1st day, thinking that it was just another normal behaviour from him. During the second day of not eating, I got worried and tried to feed him different stuff. He won’t eat. So I settled for making him drink some water. And he did! Thinking that he’ll be fine soon, I just continued giving him water. Unfortunately, he got weaker and weaker and on the third day, he can barely stand and walk. So I got out, after searching for remedies, and bought cat food. When I got back and fed it, he ate the food! I was so happy that night! I woke up really early the next day – that would be today- reheated the canned cat food to feed him again. Unfortunately, he is not eating again! And worse, he won’t drink. I tried feeding him through syringe (without the needle) but he refuses. He somewhat does not like me disturbing him and would instead go find new places to sleep. I found him lying on a patch of grass outside our house! I let him lie for a while thinking maybe he wants some alone time. He has not eaten though and that worried me greatly so I brought him back inside. I then tried to force-feed him little food and water at a time.

Now, he entered the house and the bedroom and hid under my bed! I searched for that kind of behaviour and the results made me wanna cry! I wanna save this cat. I really really do. If only I could spare some money to bring him to the vet. Please please please Lord, make him better. And also his brother who is also starting to act weird and stop eating. Please please Lord, save my cats. :O


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