Ongoing List about Me.

  • I like blue food
  • I’m afraid of cockroaches
  • I am fond of small glass bottles
  • My favorite seat in a jeepney is one of the corner seats. (preferably the right one)
  • My mom wanted me to take up ballet when I was a kid.
  • I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.
  • Favorite colors are blue and black.
  • Ice tea for favorite common drink.
  • I wanted to grow old and not drink coffee. Didn’t happen.
  • I am fond of horses and cats.
  • I am a nature-person.
  • I am a cat-person. I don’t hate dogs though.
  • Favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. Next ones would be Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, Bubble Gum and Mint Choco.

  • I dislike chocolate cakes, chocolate whatevers. I love chocolate bars though. And hot choco.
  • I am not fond of coca-cola drinks.
  • I kinda dislike red-sauced pasta.
  • I got a twitter account because I wanted Cristiano Ronaldo to greet me.
  • Logan Lerman greeted me Happy Birthday in formspring, you see.
  • I’m a Dallas Mavericks Fan. Next would be Spurs.
  • I used to not like Le Bron James. Now, don’t really know.
  • I’m a Real Madrid fan too.
  • And San Mig.
  • My first visit in Starbucks, I was wearing sleep clothes.
  • I am fond of Greek Mythology. It came to a point where I liked Greece as a country very much.
  • Had a total crush on Achilles
  • Favorite food is crab. I am fond of Sisig too.
  • I like sweet and spicy food.
  • Fan of Sustagen Gold Milk.
  • Violin for favorite instrument.
  • Slytherin all the way.
  • Poseidon and Athena would be next.
  • Lannisters or Martells.
  • JK
  • One Direction YEAH
  • Totally loved Inferno and The Prince
  • Favorite Elementary Subject: Math. Hatest: HEKASI/History
  • Fond of sketching. First legit human figures I remembered drawing were the Encantadia characters.
  • I’d list my Anime Idols but meh that would take up most of my blog.
  • I actually like oldies songs
  • I easily get travel-sick. But I love the idea of travelling around the world.
  • Jackstone pro. Piko pro. Chinese Garter pro.
  • Favorite numbers are 8 and 4.
  • I hated the smell of cars in the past. I totally preferred fresh air.
  • Big big fan of TLOTR and The Hobbit.
  • Harry Potter too. And Game of Thrones. And Lorien Legacies. And THG.
  • Got hit by a motorcycle when I was in 3rd Year. I’ll spare you the details.
  • Dramione and Feltson
  • I used to play the Lyre (Glockenspiel) for our Drum Corps in elementary.
  • I am fond of jackets, coats, blazers and the like.
  • Miranda Kerr ❤
  • ItaHina, 1896, Ulquihime ❤ I even did ByaRuki
  • Favorite Chicken Part would be its Leg
  • I also like milkshakes. Vanilla! ❤
  • Brazos would probably be my next favorite cake.
  • I like Cherry Blossoms.
  • I like the colors of autumn.
  • I used to own around 20 chickens. And I’d cry every time my mom wants to kill one for food.
  • Dragons and Pegasus for favorite mythical creatures.
  • I’d choose ice over fire. Probably because of the color.
  • I play Sims! 😀 And Starcraft and Dota and Diablo.
  • I used to be unable to sleep when the light is on. Now, fck that.
  • I was repulsed by people who cursed when I was a kid. Kid-me will probably be disgusted by myself right now.
  • I used to mix various shades of violet nail polish just to get the Akatsuki Nail Color right.
  • I ❤ Itachi since 5th grade. Or was it 4th?
  • I wanted to learn Arnis. Though I’m still open to the idea of it now.
  • I still wanna learn Archery.
  • I made a bow from a malunggay branch because I wanna act all Legolas in the house.
  • I’d love a tiger or a lion for a pet. A tamed one though.
  • I do not eat oranges. And ampalaya.
  • Frustrated Violinist/*insert instrument here*

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