Rant 101

I’ve decided not to include rants in my blog lately but meh fck that self-imposed rule.

I am so fckin depressed right now I might as well just curl up and cry. Okay. Of course, that’s another exaggeration again. But seriously speaking, I feel so down and stressed right now. The fact that I might fail my subject and be delayed is starting to sink in. Well, I still have a chance to pass or maybe get a 4.0 but ughhh it’s not a good chance. I feel so pissed at myself for not doing better from the very start. I know I must sound stupid ’cause, really, for all I know I actually have a passing standing right now but but but I really just can’t help it. The intensity of possibly failing is starting to hit me and fck I feel like throwing something (okay, so I threw my phone already and it’s now refusing to turn on -_-) . Fck.

Ayoko nang maging tamad. Ayoko nang maging pabaya. Please. Please. Please. Tres lang please. O kahit kwatro na. Please. Gusto ko nang mag-36, 32, 33 tsaka 38 next sem. Please. Please. Please. Birthday-Christmas wish ko na for this year. Please, Lord. 😥


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