My Most Important Place

It’s just like any other normal Friday afternoon. A few-minute-walk away from my house, I see and make my way through a rough road of soft mud, wet grass, broken twigs and a few wild flowers. Rain has probably graced us with its presence awhile ago. I trudge along the wet path, getting my feet and slippers soaked in the process.  As I continue down the road, I see a few trees in the distance and I can’t help the smile starting to creep on my face. I hasten my steps and reach a big, sturdy tree. I sit by its feet, not minding the dirt that will probably be sticking to my pants later on. I fish out a book from my bag and place it on my lap. I stay in that position for a few seconds, lost in thought. I then close my eyes. I feel a cool breeze fan my face and my somehow tense shoulders start to relax. The smell of dirt and fresh rain fill my lungs. I subtly hear barking of dogs in the distance and muffled sounds of children shouting. I return my attention to my book and like any other times, got lost in its pages. The rustling of leaves and an often flapping of bird wings serve as a soothing background music as I indulge myself in the piece of literature. I only tore my eyes from the book as the soft yellow sunset start hitting my skin. I raised my head and my eyes fluttered close as I basked in the glory of the yellow light. I felt a comfortable sense of calm envelop me entirely. I opened my eyes, looked around and started admiring the scene slowly unfolding before me. The orange hues of the sun gave a whole new meaning to beautiful- The drops of rain clutching to the blades of grass glistened like tiny diamonds. The flowers seemed to emit a pastel glow. Even the now dried mud appeared to have softer edges. I gazed at the scene for a long time, simply spellbound by its beauty. When the sky turned a shade darker, hinting that it’s getting late, I awoke from my little trance. I smiled and let out a contented sigh. I slowly got up, returned my book, and slung my backpack across my right shoulder. It’s time to go home. I started walking along the path I traveled hours ago and after a short distance, I paused mid-stride and turned my head around. I gave one last look at my mini-sanctuary, a hint of a smile on my face, and then I resumed my walk home. ‘Like always, this place has not failed to calm me down.’

P.S. This post is from my assignment in English 10. We were tasked to make a descriptive write-up about our most important place. : ))


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