Who I’ll Be In The Near Future: A Statistics 114 Assignment

As a child, I’ve dreamed to be an astronaut, a nurse, a doctor and a scientist. I have always chosen to portray these professions whenever we are tasked to do so in the past. But despite the fact that I can easily choose a random profession as a kid, I’ve always been unable to have a fixed dream-profession. I was one person that was always incapable of loving one certain job and try saying I’d die to have it. It never occurred to me what occupation I truly wanted because I believe that there’s a lot to consider. But as I mature and started to sort out what I want to be, I end up with one field that I am particularly interested in: Business. I have started to place a certain goal for my career life and that is to become a CEO of a multi-national company. I know this dream is quite farfetched but, like most say, nothing is impossible. I believe that everyone has the capability to become a CEO as long as they put their minds into it. And, yes, as of the moment I’m willing to do anything to become one. I want to become a driven, goal-oriented person- probably an exact opposite of what I am now because although I may be goal-oriented, I am not one to be really focused every time. I usually slack off at times because I hate too much trouble or conflicts. But, of course, I am willing to change for my first and only aspiration.

After graduation, I plan to take up a Master’s degree in Business Administration or Management. I then see myself as either starting my own business or becoming a manager of a certain private company and of course, after a few years, the CEO of a multinational corporation. I know that Statistics may not be the most appropriate course for an aspiring CEO but I believe that personally knowing probabilities and understanding the meaning of collected data yourself can serve as a big foundation and advantage as a head of a company.

In the business field, I think that not much will change in ten years when it comes to the possible problems that a certain company will encounter especially regarding to matters of making, distributing or advertising products. Questions will still probably be something like: “What kind of good is not yet in the market?”, “What do the masses want?”, “What kind of advertisements would convince people more to buy the product?”, and etc. The heads of companies will never cease to try to improve their current goods and to discover promising new ones that will prove to be a big hit and, of course, a new good source of income. By ten-years time, statisticians will most likely still be trying to survey what the current hit to the masses is and they will try to predict what will still be or what will be a hit in the near future. Future is afterall a very unpredictable part of our life. We have no idea what will happen. We don’t know where our choices and decisions will lead us. That is why, actually accurately predicting what will happen in the years to come is one of the most interesting and fascinating possibilities we can ever encounter. I think that statisticians will marvel at the prospect of knowing the forthcoming events with only the data of the present as basis. And so will all people. It will undoubtedly help in all fields when we are able to predict the coming events. Proper measures can be used and a better outcome can be made.  : ))


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