Just Plain Old Cruel Destiny

Sometimes, our destiny is decided by the time we are born. Others may aggressively disagree with this, but I believe that this is one bitter reality. We may say that we are the makers of our own fate or the masters of our own destiny. But can you really say that everyone is really that equal? Idealists or religious people may say that we are but I don’t think that’s really the case sometimes. How can an heiress to a large-scale company be equal to a parentless child wandering by the streets in terms of comfort in life?

Equivalent exchange does not exist in reality. The heiress, while doing nothing, enjoys the luxury provided to her by her parents while the poor child, who exerts effort to feed himself, actually starves and freezes himself by nightfall. The idealists will probably contradict this by saying something like, “the child has a better state of friendship than the heiress”, but is that really the case? In fact, the heiress probably has more friends than the kid. The child may find great thrilling adventures in its street life, but so can the heiress find hers in a different form. To add up, the heiress is honored and treated carefully unlike the child who is usually shouted upon or shooed away.

It’s weird, really, that how both children, with no say whatsoever, were born in very different states of life and have a kind of life that are poles apart. Realism dictates that the heiress was just lucky while the child was, let’s say, ill-fated. This may sound so awful but it’s reality, right?  It is how this world actually works, right?

This afternoon, while buying myself an afternoon treat, I met a poor little girl who continues to support herself by begging from passer-bys. First instinct told me to not give her anything. Afterall, I’m trying to save money. Also, I don’t want and I shouldn’t give alms to these children as the rules suggest. As said, their parents should be responsible enough to provide for their children’s needs.

However, what if the parents wholly abandoned their children? What could the children possibly do? As I walk away from the child while that thought plagues my mind, I can’t help but actually pity her. What could she possibly do at such a young age except to beg from strangers? It’s not like she can actually be able to work already, right? As I continue to ponder on the thought, I can’t help but to think that what if I was born like her too? It’s weird, really. As much as we would like to teach the parents to be responsible, we actually can’t. It’s because these people are uneducated and they don’t give a damn for their child. And if they do, it’s not like they can support them.

As you can see, the way our life goes can sometimes be dictated by where, when, and how we are born. Maybe there are those who can surpass even dire birth circumstances but we can say that the WWHs of our birth have a great effect on how we ‘can’ live our life. It has an effect on what direction we will be going, what path we will be taking, and what opportunities we will be grabbing. In fact, the ‘will’s in the previous sentence can be changed into ‘can’s. Sometimes, the limits to our possibilities are set by the time we are born. Sometimes, no matter what we do, we can’t be given the opportunities of those who are living a much comfortable life. Sometimes, even our efforts, though the same with others, will yield no fruits. Sometimes, there are circumstances that we have no hand in whatsoever.

Sometimes, it all just comes down to luck. Luck afterall is a skill. And it looks like we need this skill even before we are born- even before we have any idea of this world we now live in. Yes. That’s how cruel the world is. And that’s just plain old reality.


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