It’s not about what’s just correct in the law. It was about what’s better for the country. Plus, Enrile did say culpable violation of the constitution is impeachable. And he did include the not-just-a-minor discrepancy in one’s SALN under the said offense.  It was also the implication of unexplained wealth that made their decision.

Maybe a false SALN is not impeachable. But to actually have 50x of the declared amount? It’s not about the SALN. It’s about the unexplained amount!

Nagpapamakatalino pa kasi eh. Para cool dahil ang galing daw sa law. Tengene. Hindi madadala ang problemang ito sa patama tama lang sa mga data niyo. Ano pa bang ebidensya ang kailangan para mapaalis ang isang taong kurakot sa gobyerno? Ang desisyon na yon ay mas makakabuti sa ‘tin bansa. Ba’t pa natin pakakawalan ang isang may sala? Kailangan na siyang paalisin sa puwesto.

People are blinded but the so-called good feeling of being seen as smart. They fail to see what is right and only stick to what they think is correct because of the data. Knowing law makes you smart? Yes, maybe, but it doesn’t always actually make you right. You have a bended sight of justice. Justice is not simply what is correct in the eyes of blinded scientific humans. You get what you deserve. And by that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your punishment is parallel to your error.

I just have to commend Enrile as a lawyer, senator, and as a presiding judge. He was able to compile, relay and explain the situation in a clear, logical, and very calm manner. He may be like any politician who’s corrupt, but at least he’s wise and smart.

Afterall, politician and corrupt seems like an inseparable duo.

P.S. This was written in my other blog maybe a month ago. : DD


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