My Word For The Day Speech

Do you always find yourself spacing out? Ecstatic? Or at least get too engrossed in your own thoughts you forget other people around you? What they think, what they feel, or even just their simple perception of you based on your actions? Believe me, if you answered yes to these questions, I think it’s right about time to sober down and stop being unwary of your surroundings.

Classmates, the word I’ll be discussing  today is OBLIVIOUS.

Some or even all of you must be well acquainted with the word. And others might even know them with all their hearts. But for those who have no idea what this nine-letter-word actually means, I’ll be giving a short definition, and somehow a background on this.

The context of the word oblivious first appeared in the 15th century in the form of obliviosus, a latin word for being forgetful, producing forgetfulness. The word obliviosus also has its own ancestor, oblivionem, also a Latin word which means “to be unaware or unconscious (of something)”.

Oblivious, in modern days, is being unheeding of or not concerned about what is happening around one.  He lay down on his bed, completely oblivious of the mosquitoes biting him now and then, and was soon snoring loudly. Or.. She is oblivious of her crush’s admiration that she thought he was unfeeling.

Oblivious can also mean “forgetful; without remembrance or memory”. I was oblivious of my former failure. I might’ve overlooked it.

Personally, I believe that there are two sides of BEING oblivious. The positive and the negative side. Let’s first tackle the so-called positive side. When you become oblivious to things around you, you can actually avoid getting hurt. That is, by not knowing the truth, which as they tend to say, hurts a lot.  But is it really alright to distance yourself from this so-called truth? That you remain oblivious of the circumstances around you? You can actually hurt someone, you know. Or anger them. Worse, you can hurt yourself.

I also believe that there are two sides of BEING WITH people who are oblivious.  Again, the positive and the negative side. Positve: You can openly insult them. Or in slight euphemism, negatively compliment them. They have no idea that you’re actually doing so. Now with the bad side. It is really hard to be not rude when correcting these people. They have not the slightest clue that you’re already starting to contradict with their ideas. Also, oblivious people tend to become completely insensitive. The only difference are their wills. The former being “unknowing” and the latter ”choosing to be unknowing”. Whether some people who exhibit these symptoms are oblivious, in denial, or just plain foolish, I don’t know.

We should be wary of our vicinity. We should think about our actions thoroughly, careful not to step on anyone. You are not living alone. Life is full of interactions. Be skeptical. Stop being oblivious. Indeed, it is nice to live life light, optimistic. But, I believe, one is better off realistic.



 Okay. It just kinda crossed my mind to actually post my word for  the day speech I delivered last Thursday. It’s a requirement in our English class and last 28 was my turn. 09-28-11


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