I’m effing proud of myself right now!! As to why??? I’m typing some random things in this site again! Hurray for me!

Okay… Actually I definitely have nothing particular in my mind right now and I even have no idea as to what pushed me to open this account and start with a new post!!!

Look here. No one (at least someone in the same school) is visiting this site lately so I’ll just type and type randomly.

Tomorrow, we have this, oh well… these… LTs tomorrow and here I am trying to materialize what I’m thinking. Oh wait. There’s none. Okay. This is probably the most nonsense post I have ever composed and yeah. Ok. Wtf.

I had a lot of things that I wanted to write here just before I felt like opening this link, or that’s what i thought, but I really can’t remember, not even the gist, mind you, of what I want to say.

Woah. What an explicit example of a run-on,
Who cares?

Anyway. I’m busted. I’m unquestionably spouting nonsense here… I’ll continue later, I think. Or when my head regains its thoughts!!! NIGHT!


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