This day rocks… I’m being sarcastic, you know.

Hey! I’m back again!

Okay. To start things, I would want to see on the screen of my computer a reminder (for me) that there’s a lot of things due tomorrow which range from like a minor English assignment to a major work in the form of a research proposal.

Okay. Cut the crap. I am cracking my brain here for some answers or at least tips on what I can and must do to make this so-called concept paper.

This hardship actually goes way back.

We have this Research subject where we, like what the name suggests (of course), are bound to have some researching to do. Now, I belong to this GIP stream which is a group that must have a faster pacing than the other. Oh cool, right? No way. What’s so cool about having an earlier deadline and having a lot of studious type of people around you?? Scratch the latter. No one in the group is really nerdy. It’s just that I input the “and” word and I have nothing sensible in my mind to continue with. XD.

Ok. Shut it. I typed that smiley when I can actually feel that life sucks right now. Tomorrow’s the deadline of this crap and I’m half-done with it. Ahem. The truth is not even one over one millionth done. Aaah. Crap. Damn it with the exaggeration. Excuse that. It’s just that my thoughts are currently mixed up or rather…. messed up. Blahblah. Shitfu**.

Now, what can going-to-my-blog-and-spilling-my-thoughts do to aid me with my oh-yeah complicated problem? Nothing. Damn. All I know right now is that I won’t allow myself to fail this course-slash-requirement.

I’m probably tired physically and tired of the thought to actually edit the concept paper. I can’t relate to it and the format’s too far with my own format. <— It’s not my initial concept paper. It’s my groupmate’s. And I can’t decipher the words. Yeah–right.

Oh crap. This post is nonsense. Ignore this post and just proceed to the next one. Or just shut your pc/laptop down. Byebye. DX


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