Once in a lifetime chance. Or at least I would want to put it that way.

Hey. Nice Afternoon. :))

Okay. At least I can greet you that way today despite my aching body. Or more specifically, right foot and arms. They’re decorated with wounds, scratches, lacerations and bruises right now and I can feel the piercing pain as I put one foot in front of the other.

It’s excruciating. Seriously.

Let me tell you a tale that just started yesterday night.

We had this review in math which is in preparation for PMO and other math contests. Mind you, I’m not participating in a contest but I happen to place 4th in the entrance exam of such Math honors class. Yeah, I know. It sucks. Anyway, we were scheduled to start at 5pm and end at 8pm but it so happened that the teacher wasn’t there even at 6pm. We still waited… Nah… We actually played Badminton in our school’s gym until almost 7 something using the waiting as an excuse to come home late. ;)))) . Okay. When the clock struck 7 something, we decided to head for home. And this time, we used the Leganes route, riding a trike and a Leganes jeep.

Now, I dropped off the Jaro plaza and waited for my next ride. I kind of contemplated about what jeep will I ride this time (I usually ride the NFA jeep with Thea and Jason). Since I was alone, I decided to go for the CPU jeep coz its faster that way.

Now here I am in front of the building beside YMCA. I looked at my left and then started to cross the street. I was one step to the center when I felt like a bag, a ton-heavy one at that, was thrown at me. My vision turned fuzzy and almost pitch black. I heard a noise, almost shouting, coming from a person and most likely from a male one when I found myself falling to the side. I heard a shattering sound and I opened my eyes to see a motorcycle, near me, with its side touching the cold and hard black road. That’s when I realized that I was almost killed by a motorcycle. Stupidly, I even found time to check the irony of things as I always ride a motorcycle when going to school and now finding my self almost murdered by the said vehicle.

But that’s not what scared my the most.

I quickly sat down from my falling position, which unluckily I forgot what, and felt my right foot to my right knee throbbing with a pain I cannot pinpoint what. “Daw nag biring”. That’s how I can describe it. I didn’t put any care to the other vehicles that passed that area of accident nor the people staring form the sides. All I cared at that moment was checking the status of my knee and everything below it. I found myself looking for a broken bone or dislocated joint with undivided concentration. When I took in the idea that there was none, I heaved a sigh. Now, that was the best feeling I’ve ever got these days. Relief. Thank God, I didn’t suffer from something too serious.

I started getting up on my toes when I felt hands grab me from behind.

Okay. Easy. The guy on motorcycle just helped me up. (:DD) I then turned to face him and then I kind of gave an expression I can’t identify. Everything I felt probably surfaced on my face. I even said sorry because I believe that he was injured too—- He flew off a motorcycle. Who wouldn’t get scratches? —- Okay. He answered with, “Ako gni dapat magpangayo pasensya”….. Now that was relieving. He then questioned me if I felt any type of pain and I foolishly answered no. N-O. What? Who can blame me? I honestly didn’t feel any twinge of pain at that time! AT THAT TIME, mind you. Weee!

I then chose to cross the remaining distance to the opposite side. Okay. Here goes the bystanders. Nope. They’re old people. Phew. They asked me questions which I honestly anticipate would come. Not always do you see a Philsci student at that place almost run down by a motorcycle. I answered them truthfully– I have nothing else to say, anyways.
They even asked if I had a trauma and can’t ride home alone. Nah. No trauma, seriously no trauma. They pointed at my foot and that’s when it sank to me that I was undoubtedly heavily injured. There was even a splat of blood on my skirt, right on top of my knee. Damn.

When I guaranteed them that I was fine, they left and I headed for the jeepney (I even recognized the jeep. I have ridden on this one many times that I can already picture out the old face of the old driver).

I was alone at my favorite jeepney seat spot when I finally felt the biting pain. Holy shit. Now that’s what you call real shit. It really took a great self-control to prevent me from whimpering.

Now, when I entered my house’s premises, I announced to my parents—casually— minor things concerning the incident. Now that kind of sent their composed faces to Neverland. Scratch the kind of. They were really shocked. They hurriedly cleaned the wound and deliberated whether to take me to the hospital or just do the first-aid on their own. I didn’t want to make an in-the-nick-of-time visit in the hospital. No way. Nuh-oh. And yep, they decided to settle for the latter. Yey. — Now off to the next happening— As they put betadine on my cuts, I absolutely tried very hard to choke in the shout threatening to escape my lips. My skin and part of the flesh was scraped for goodness sake!!!! Of course it will hurt. Xit. Hahaha.

My brother then took care of the woundS when he arrived. Now that’s our nurse!! XD Cold-compress-slash-ice was massaged on my bruises. I even washed the wounds with running water—- It hurt (Hurt is an understatement)—. They then discussed and interrogated me for the major details and with what truly happened. Being the stupid me, I didn’t ask for the motor’s plate number. They badly reprimanded me for that. I never thought that I had much injuries! I only assumed that what I got were only scratches so I found the asking for the plate number thing unnecessary. Too bad that one should never be assuming.

Right now, I’m enduring the fact that I cannot move my right ring toe (Is there such thing?) and that every step will be agonizing. And I am all alone typing on this computer as my parents and brother are attending the latter’s oath-taking at Iloilo’s Grand Hotel. Nurseeee…

Yeah right. *sighs* Anyway……

That’s about it. Pardon me for the substandard composition of this blog. My thoughts are scattered and its quite hard to put them together.

Til next time.

Never mess with a motorcycle running with a tire turning at a gazillion times per minute. XDD


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